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Finca Vega de Aguín is a modern kiwi plantation with more than 11 hectares (ha) of cultivation. In 2019 it will be extended up to 16 ha, with an investment in 5 ha for ecological kiwis. In 2020, new productive investments will be carried out in order to reach 30/40 ha of the Actinidia Deliciosa, Hayward green variety, in conventional and ecological qualities.

The location of the plantation, in the eastern interior of Asturias, its abundance of water, flanked by the river Borines, the fact that it is south facing, as well as the design of the plantation, favour producing a kiwi with a unique flavour. Harvesting is done with a minimum Brix index (sugar content) of 7.5/8%, well above what regulations require (minimum of 6.2%), thus optimizing the dry matter extract and guaranteeing a highly seasoned kiwi. The fruit starts being sold in December with 11/12% sugar content.

Finca Vega de Aguín manages the crop using sustainable exploitation, using water resources rationally with automated and computerized irrigation systems, using photovoltaic energy and using foliar fertilizers and the latest biodegradable treatments, with a complete lack of hormones for the artificial growth of the fruit as well as herbicides. The fruit is analysed every year by approved laboratories, with a complete absence of residues observed, which backs up this type of cultivation.

All the leftovers from pruning, grass and discarded fruit are recycled as organic fertilizer. Important volumes of compost and cured manure are used every year.

Finca Vega de Aguín is the first kiwi-growing company that has certified all its activities in 2016 with Global Gap (version 5.0) (kiwi 155.209). It also has authorization to use the Food of Natural Paradise mark (K0049) as a guarantee of quality and origin in Asturias and has the Veriseg certification as well as being an authorized operator (registration nº 4056186834959) by COPAE for the commercialization of ecological kiwis.

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Our customers’ opinions

Vega de Aguín’s kiwis are a very good product. We tested a sample and we quickly became interested in its origins and how it is produced.
Restaurante Sanissimo Malasaña


Vega de Aguín’s kiwis are a very good product. We tested a sample and we quickly became interested in its origins and how it is produced.
Restaurante Sanissimo Malasaña


Commencement of 2018 Campaign

As of 1 December, the 2018/2019 campaign has begun. As a latest development, the kiwis will be sold in Asturias and in provinces around it following the strategic alliance reached with the Fruasa Group. This year, in addition to selling in 10 kilo bulk format and 1 kilo baskets, the fruit will be sold in a 3 kg alveolus tray for the gourmet range.

Kiwis of the highest quality.

Direct from our plantation to your home.

The product complies with the CE Regulations and the ONU’s Commercialization standards

According to the American Journal of Nutrition, kiwis are the most comprehensive fruit.

Kiwis can be consumed fresh, without peeling them and with a spoon, splitting the fruit into two halves a with a knife; in salads, desserts and shakes.

  • High vitamin C content (>80mg/100g), much higher than lemons, which covers the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). Prevention of flu and viral infections.
  • Rich in folic acid (vitamin B). Vitamin supplement during pregnancy.
  • High fibre content 3g/100g).Improves intestinal transit.
  • Rich in minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium). Improves muscle performance and prevents osteoporosis and high blood pressure.
  • Low in calories (80cal/100g).Recommended in weight loss diets.
  • Low glycemic index (IG <40).Prevention of coronary heart disease and diabetes.
  • It contains actinidin enzyme that helps digestion..

It is also used in the preparation of different dishes, mainly meat dishes, due to the enzymatic effect of actinidine (which facilitates digestion).

Cultivated in the heart of Asturias and sent directly to your home.

  • Leave out at room temperature to be consumed in the next 2 or 3 days. To speed up ripening to the point of consumption, simply mix the kiwi with bananas or apples.
  • For conservation and gradual maturation, it is recommended to keep it in a lower refrigerator drawer.
  • It can be frozen to be consumed at a later date in the form of a juice or if it is to be cooked.

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